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We all know well by now of Jared Kushner’s poor memory and quixotic relationship with veracity. Somehow, a guy that runs a multi-million dollar business and managed to graduate from Harvard Law cannot accurately complete a damned security clearance form like tens of thousands of other government and private-sector officials manage to do each and every year. Not only can he not accurately complete the form once, but several times. There’s another term for such displays of purported ineptitude, its called lying.

Lying about what? It’s very simple: He’s lying about his contacts with Russian individuals, companies and officials. But why would he lie about Such things? Simple. He has done something illegal or unethical or both. What, precisely? Well, we don’t know yet, but we’ll find out eventually. It will take tens of millions of dollars and perhaps years, but this rat is going to go down.

Who is Yuri Milner and Why Does Kushner Lie About Him?

Recently, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, released a trove of documents collectively referred to as the “Paradise Papers”. The Paradise Papers represent more than seven million documents granting us a look at how the world’s ultra-wealthy and very powerful screw the rest of us over, to be blunt. Within this corpus of sin and corruption are included details around the relationship between Jared Kushner and Yuri Milner.

The Russian State’s gas and oil company, Gazprom, and a Kremlin-backed bank invested huge amounts of capital in social media entities such as Facebook and Twitter and their point-man was Yuri Milner. It is well-known that the state-owned companies involved are often used as political tools by Vladimir Putin and Russian Intelligence agencies such as the FSB and GRU.  As an article in the Guardian reports,

The money flowed through investment vehicles controlled by Milner, who also invested in a startup in New York that Kushner co-owns with his brother. Kushner initially failed to disclose his own holding in the startup, Cadre, when he joined Trump’s White House.

Among the many things Jared forgot to disclose, his relationship in a joint-venture with a well-known technocrat frequently utilized by Russian State interests. Yeah, sure. How, exactly, could any American citizen who lived through the 2016 elections miss the import of Russian involvements during the campaign? Yet, this is what Mr. Kushner claims. He forgot to disclose the relationship when filling out his security clearance forms. Kushner is not some low-level flunky in the State Department or a CIA Field Officer: He’s a god-damned Senior Adviser to the President of the United States! If any of us were guilty of an omission of an event or relationship comprising even a fractional portion of this level of prevarication we’d not only be denied a security clearance we would be brought up on charges. And yet the American public has to watch this farce and pretend otherwise.

Top Secret Clearances

Top Secret Clearances

And not only do we have to pretend, at least to a degree, we have to pay the cost of going through the charade of probity in process—we’ll be forced to watch as tens of millions of dollars go out the window to prove he lied. It is just intolerable.

In July, Jared Kushner appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee and he had the temerity to state,

“I have not relied on Russian funds to finance my business activities in the private sector,

Now this is a guy who following the initial filing of his security-clearance forms, had to file four addenda to fill in all the information he forgot. He forgot to list over 100 foreign contacts with whom he had business dealings. He forgot to disclose multiple meetings with Russian officials, including some pretty well-known figures. He forgot to mention the now infamous meeting on June 21, 2016 between he, Paul Manfort, Donald Trump Jr. and a pack of Russians. He forgot to mention a number of e-mails, including one from Wikileaks, which he received from his brother-in-law and forwarded on to the Trump campaign. And, of course, he forgot to mention that one of his business partners was a billionaire Russian Technocrat who also happens to be a pal of Vlad’s.

How did this guy make it through Law School or pass the Bar? “Jared, is your case analysis for Torts prepared and ready for submission?” Oh, sorry, I forgot. Refresher for Senior Adviser Kushner: You are married to Ivanka and you have two children. You work in a place called the White House and you’re the son-in-law of an Orange Buffoon who also has a problem with the truth. You have a very high security clearance and you run a billion dollar business. Your Daddy is a convict and swindler, just like you. Any of this ring a bell, Jared? Oh yeah, and you relied on Russian funds to save your ass from going under and one of your business partners is named Yuri Milner, a Russian guy. But you know all this and now so do we.

Mapping Out the Lie and How Jared Bent Over for Bucks

It is well-known that when then 26 year-old (2007) Jared Kushner purchased a billion dollar property at 666 5th Avenue in Manhattan he paid far too much. It is also now well-known that the coalescence of his business interests with Russian Oligarchs bearing large bushels of cash has been documented endlessly. So, when you’re in way over your head and Russian mobsters and financiers hold your markers and your Daddy-in-Law gets elected President you have a clear path: You bend over when Yuri says drop your pants and you do whatever Putin directs you to do. Oh, and you thank your lucky stars.

Following Trump’s election, Jared began a furious spate of world-traveling, careening from Riyadh to London and from Europe to Africa. Ostensibly, you’re paving the way for a glorious new era of swamp-draining but which looks increasingly and suspiciously like raising revenues for your sinking investments. In short, you use your father-in-law’s presence in the Oval Office to cash in. When you’re a third generation sheister from Jersey, that’s what you do. Of course!

Russian State-run Gazprom channeled money through Kanton Services then through DST USA Investments and into Facebook and the guy who handled this was Yuri Milner. Another conduit was the VTB and Bank and another branch of DST investments, again handled by Yuri Milner. This channel paid for investments into Twitter. How much money did these Russian State funded interests channel into Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies? Well, apparently in excess of $191 million dollars. And the American-based company which operated in the space between these two funding channels was, wait for it, Cadre–a start-up co-founded and run by Jared. 

More on Jared’s Problems Completing Security Clearance Forms

Charles Phalen, the head of the office which conducts background checks in Washington D.C., went on record  before a House Oversight Sub-Committee last month to note that he has, ““never seen that level of mistakes,”

Again, Jared not only failed to disclose a wide range of rather important details on his initial security clearance form submission but he has filed four corrections in the form of addenda to his application. So, what’s the limit on something like that anyway? Five, seven, twelve? How many times to you get to lie to the American people when you have the highest security clearance in the land, with access to information that might jeopardize members, say, of our clandestine services community, before some penalty kicks in?

Jared Kushner has lied, repeatedly. There’s no other way to put it. He lied. He lied because he was in big trouble financially and he needed money. Nothing is sacred to this man: Not his country, not national security and certainly not the truth. He doesn’t care about our institutions or our values, he simply doesn’t care His continuing presence in the White House is an insult to the American people, period.

Why this man continues to hold a security clearance is something every single American should be shrieking from the rafters.

“Draining the Swamp” and the Intolerable Misery of Averted Just Desserts

Any sentient being who maintains that what we are seeing represents a “draining of the swamp” is simply too stupid to hold a conversation with—the dew has been off that pumpkin for some time now and it’s time to just knock it off with that shit.

Jared Kushner, were he any other regular American citizen, would have been fired the first time he had to file an addenda. He should have been booted out of the White House forthwith. That he continues to pollute the House of the People with his tainted and corrupt presence is intolerable. Any person of experience already knows, in watching this insolent brat and his many prevarications, that he is up to some shaky stuff. We know it. The evidence is there and its abundant. Yet we all know that this pretend, other-worldly Congressional sham, mirroring the prevailing sham of the Trump White House, will continue for some time.

One day, the plays will finally run out and Jared’s backside will get the toasting it so richly deserves. But the misery of it is that this prick, even if convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors, will at most do a couple of years in some minimum-security prison in Vermont and, when he gets out, he will still be a multi-millionaire. Not only that, but he’ll go on FOX bleating about how he has been a victim of the Deep State. Yes, it is intolerable. Jared’s not working on draining the swamp, he’s riding bitch for the biggest alligators…and most of them speak Russian.