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As rumors began circulating on social and in print media that Special Counsel Bob Mueller would soon hand-down indictments, Michael Flynn, Jr. took to Twitter to thumb his nose at Federal Prosecutors;

Mike Flynn Jr., Tweet

Mike Flynn Jr., Tweet

“SJW” means ‘Social Justice Warriors’ in case you’re wondering. Just to hone in on what that means a bit further. It means when you’re a colossal dip shit whose academic achievement culminated in an Associate’s degree in Golf Course Management (what does that even mean?) who gets to ride daddy’s coat-tails into a White House transition team position for which you have absolutely no qualification and people call you out on it, you rummage through your addled, under-developed mind and tear a page of out the Breitbart book of epithets.

You call us social justice warriors, let’s translate that into real-time meaning: People who have actually done something with their lives aside from tee-up balls on the green for Daddy and his pals. Smug bastard. He is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the United States at this point. If he doesn’t get handed a ten year sentence it will not be a sign of innocence, but proof positive of just how broken our justice system really is.

Lest we forget, this is the same dimwit who helped propagate the Pizzagate story. You know, that Hillary Clinton was running a child-sex ring out of a pizzeria in Washington D.C. The story culminated in a tragic event: a right-wing lunatic actually went to the pizzeria and shot the place up. Oddly, no child sex workers were discovered in subsequent investigations. Now, not a fan of the Clintons, but in comparison to Flynn Jr., well, there’s no comparison. This is what happens when a greens-keeper whose daddy’s military service lands him a spot in the public limelight gets to hold the mic for a minute. Junior, go to the back nine and shut up. Wait for the indictment…maybe you can fetch balls for the cons in the Big House. The good news is daddy might be there to protect you cos, son, you gonna need it.

Just can’t let it go. One could, literally, walk into any Starbucks in a major metropolitan area in the US, toss a handful of pebbles over the counter and hit half a dozen brighter, more qualified people than the likes of Mike Flynn, Jr., or Eric and Don Trump Jr., for that matter. Their very presence anywhere near the Oval Office besmirches our Republic.

The Transgressions of Flynn Senior

One hates to see it, on the one hand; a man who spent his life in service to his country with all the self-sacrifice that entails, who opts to sell himself out for cash at the end of it all. It is truly disheartening. And yet, that’s precisely what he has done. Michael Flynn, Sr., unlike his troglodyte of a son, actually did something with his life and now he has thrown it all away.

General Flynn will go down in history, on a first count, as the man who served the briefest term as National Security Adviser to the President of the United States. His tenure in office, a harrowing 24 days. He was forced out when it was found that he had–ostensibly–lied to Vice President Pence. Now that position (that Pence is an uninformed and not-culpable actor), is a topic for another posting. Flynn was forced out when it was discovered (har har) that he had lied about his meetings with Russian officials–among other now manifest misdeeds.

Michael Flynn Sr.

Michael Flynn Sr.

Both during the campaign and during his short tenure in office, Flynn engaged in a variety of activities for which he will soon be indicted. Among those, that he engaged in a quasi-official capacity during the campaign, in discussions with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak and may have traded potential policy favors for actions or the promises of action.  He also failed to register as a foreign agent and failed to disclose revenues he netted from both Russian and Turkish sources and interests. His dealings took him into direct contact with Vladimir Putin and Turkish dictator Erdogan.

The Turkish-Erdogan connection and Undisclosed Revenues and Involvements

As we now know, Michael Flynn accepted over $500,000 in payments for his work on behalf of Turkish interests. He failed to register as a foreign agent on multiple occasions, lied about it, then belatedly registered when he was caught. Pretty hard to argue, at this juncture and in the wake of his late registration, that he was an unwitting actor or that he simply forgot. A General who commanded divisions that forgets to report 500K. Nah.

It is being widely reported that Flynn, on the eve of the November, 2016 Presidential election, wrote a bizarre Op-Ed highly supportive of the Turkish regime. He also apparently participated in the planning of a scheme to kidnap Fetullah Gulen, a Muslim cleric and chief opponent of Erdogan, from his residence in Pennsylvania. Yeah, hard to make this stuff up…because when you’re a man who purportedly dedicates his life to the values of civil society what you should do is help foreign dictators kidnap political opponents in your country. Can anyone say the words, “conduct unbecoming”.

Fetullah Gulen

Fetullah Gulen

One thing that sets Flynn apart from the other pegs under scrutiny or indictment in this administration is that some of the things he allegedly did occurred while he was in office as a senior cabinet member in the Trump Administration. As has been widely noted, there’s also the lingering question as to why, 24 days after the stories broke about his involvements, he was allowed to prance around the capitol with one of the highest security clearances in the land. Yeah, that’s a problem.

So, Here We Are, Waiting on the Indictments

Multiple sources have reported that indictments of both Flynn and his son will be handed down shortly. Or, have they already been handed down and they remain sealed? Let’s not forget that months ago Flynn’s attorneys approached Congressional Committee members seeking immunity from prosecution. Publicly and purportedly, these advances were rebuffed. But were they?

For all we know Flynn may have pleaded months ago and he may have been working with authorities since March, 2017. Publicly, the rumors circulating are that indictments are coming and that they are using Flynn Jr. (or used) to pressure his father into turning over. Perhaps this is the reason Jethro the greens-keeper is talking shyte: Daddy already cut a deal and he knows he ain’t going to prison. That would explain it. Don’t celebrate too son, Junior, given this in your resume you won’t be working in any government office in the future. Remember, when they pull Daddy’s shingle you’re still amply qualified for any number of positions in the janitorial arts.